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Founded over 30 years ago, Pat’s Service Center has grown to become a trusted name in auto repairs, backed by a team of certified technicians and cutting-edge tools. 

We live by our ethos of quality, trust, and excellence, ensuring each repair task meets the highest industry standards.

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Full Service Auto Repair Pats Service Center

By far best mechanic shop on Long Island. They are extremely thorough, honest and great at what they do. Quick and reliable service that you can trust. They service all 6 of my trucks and 4 of my cars. I highly recommend using Pats.

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Anthony Lovetro

The most important concern anyone has in the selection of car maintenance is the trust in with whom You leave your vehicle. I have that trust with the people at Pat's. I have both my vehicles in their care, as well as my son's vehicles. It's a pleasure dealing with competent and trust worthy mechanics!

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Ed Boughal

Pats Service Center has taken very good care of my Chevy Suburban over the past four years and always do their best to accommodate my busy schedule. They are honest and dependable with fair prices!

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Joseph Lombardi

I Love this shop. Pat, Mike and the other mechanics are so knowledgeable. They do great work at a fair price. They are truely the first shop I've been to where they fix your vehicle without breaking something else! I love these guys

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Cynthia Banker

What Our Clients Say

Nothing speaks louder than the words of our satisfied clients. Here are some of their experiences with Pat’s Service Center.

5 Telltale Signs Your Car is Screaming to Visit a Mechanic Shop in Dix Hills, NY for an Oil Change Service

Quality Oil Change Services in Suffolk County 

At Pats Service Center Inc, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional oil change services in Dix Hills, NY. With a proven track record of excellence in car repair and maintenance, our skilled technicians prioritize the health and performance of your vehicle. Whether you’re experiencing unusual engine noises or dashboard warning lights, we have the expertise to diagnose and address these issues promptly. Don’t wait until the problem escalates – contact us today at 631-589-7781 to schedule your oil change service and experience the Pats Service Center Inc difference firsthand.

full service auto repair pats service center

5 Signs Your Car Needs Oil Change Services in Dix Hills, NY

Is your vehicle showing signs of distress? It might be time for an oil change service! Regular oil changes are vital to maintain the health of your vehicle’s engine. Ignoring the telltale signs of an impending oil change can lead to costly repairs down the road. Keep reading to learn about the five unmistakable signals that your car is in desperate need of an oil change and that it’s time to head to Pats Service Center Inc, your trusted partner for all things related to car repair and maintenance in Dix Hills, NY. 

Unusual Engine Noises

Is your engine suddenly producing strange clattering sounds? Don’t tune those sounds out, as they could be a signal that your car is in need of an oil change. As Dix Hills, NY’s leading car repair shop, the expert mechanics at Pats Service Center Inc are skilled in diagnosing and resolving engine-related issues. With our top-quality oil change services, we can put a stop to those unsettling engine noises.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Has your car’s fuel efficiency been taking a nosedive lately? Dirty or old oil can cause your engine to work harder, resulting in reduced fuel economy. In Dix Hills, NY, Pats Service Center Inc is your go-to destination for all things related to car repair. Our oil change services will optimize your vehicle’s performance and restore its fuel efficiency so you can get the most out of every tank of gas. 

Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

Are the dashboard warning lights of your vehicle persistently illuminating? It’s time to pay a visit to our Suffolk County mechanic shop. At Pats Service Center Inc, we utilize cutting-edge diagnostics to decipher the root cause of those dashboard alerts. From oil changes to comprehensive car repair, our skilled technicians have got you covered.

Engine Overheating

Does your engine keep overheating? It could be a sign of inadequate lubrication due to old or insufficient oil. The expert team at Pats Service Center Inc is well-versed in providing oil change services that keep your engine running cool and smooth. You can count on us to diagnose and address the underlying cause of your engine overheating problems.

Unresponsive Acceleration

Is your car slow to respond when you hit the gas pedal? Degraded oil could be hampering your engine’s responsiveness. Don’t let unresponsive acceleration get in the way of your driving experience. At Pats Service Center Inc, our oil change services in Dix Hills, NY are designed to revitalize your car’s performance and ensure a smooth ride.

Full Service auto repair pats service center

Pats Service Center Inc: Suffolk County's Car Maintenance Experts

Your vehicle’s performance and longevity depend on regular maintenance, and oil changes are a crucial part of that regimen. In Dix Hills, NY, you can trust Pats Service Center Inc to provide unmatched oil change services that will keep your car running smoothly. From fixing engine noises to addressing warning lights, we’re your partners in maintaining your vehicle. Contact us today at 631-589-7781 and let our skilled technicians ensure your car’s optimal performance with our top-notch oil change solutions.

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